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A Great Little Seafood Restaurant

After getting a chance to visit Playa de las Catedrales, we couldn’t head back to Lugo without trying some fresh, local seafood.  We continued our trip into the coastal city of Ribadeo, to find the restaurant where we reserved a table for three.  When we arrived at the small harbor, we found Restaurante San Miguel.  A delightful, little restaurant with a waterfront view,  known  for its seafood and Mediterranean dishes.  As well as a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, for consistently earning great reviews from previous customers.

Restaurante San Miguel Ribadeo, Spain

Restaurante San Miguel

Now, compared to the restaurants in Lugo, this restaurant is  on the pricier side.  They offer high quilty platters,  like their lobster dish that goes for one-hundred euros per kilo.  I’ll admit, our mouths were watering when the gentleman sitting across from us cracked open a massive lobster tail.  We like a good lobster and all, but not that much…

Restaurante San Miguel Ribadeo, Spain
Almejas al Escabeche

Instead, we ordered this seafood appetizer, two main dishes, dessert, and coffee.  Our waiter also brought us another appetizer, that was on the house.   They didn’t have a children’s menu.  Luckily Elena isn’t  a picky eater, she tried almost everything on our plate!  In all sincerity, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was quaint and our server, in particular, was very polite and friendly.  The hostess wasn’t as friendly, but eating at this restaurant was a pleasant way to end our day on the Cantabrian coast.

If you plan on going to Ribadeo I would definitely recommend eating here.  Do you know any other great restaurants in the area?  Let me know in the comments below!

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