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Long Distance Friendships: Best Way to Make It Work

To many, the thought of living abroad sounds dreamy, but to someone who’s been there, living away from friends and family can be a sad reality.  It’s no secret that distance will test life long friendships.  Chances are you’ll miss birthdays, graduations, girl’s night out, breakups, engagements, pregnancies or just the chance to meet up and chat over coffee.  To tell you the truth, maintaining long-distance friendships can be just as daunting as making new friends in a foreign country.

Amy Song & Genesis Warner sitting on the Roman Walls of Lugo

But, in spite of the distance or the different stages in life you may find yourselves in, good friends can always count on each other.  There will always be a way to lend each other words of advice, encouragement, and support, even through the toughest transitions.

Facebook and Facetime are both great ways for keeping in touch, but there’s no substitute for seeing each other in person.  The best thing that can happen to long-distance friendships is the opportunity to visit one another.  Not to mention, having a friend abroad is the perfect excuse to jump on a plane and visit a different country.  When your best friend lives abroad checking flight fares will become second nature. You’d be surprised to find how low flight costs can really be.

Just this past week my best friend, Amy, made a spontaneous trip to visit me for five days.  She was able to find a round-trip flight from Boston, MA to La Coruña, Spain for less than $500.  Timing is everything because that same trip could have cost her close to $2,000.  Having a visit from a good friend is an amazing experience.  You’ll get the chance to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.  I personally consider myself extremely lucky to have such a great friend.  She’s months away from graduating from pharmacy school, but she made the time and effort to come visit.

Life often takes us in different directions from our closest friends.  It’s difficult to meet up if the distance involves thousands of miles, but planning meetings can help shorten the distance and time apart.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, I’ve included a few tips that I personally use to find cheap flights and could help you meet up with a good friend abroad.  Check them out below!

5 Tips For Finding Cheap Flight
  • Clear your browser history and cookies.  I read this tip on a Business Insider article.  They tell you that airlines and travel websites will use your search history against you.
  • Fly during November through March – Generally considered the European low-season.  You’ll be able to find international airfares hundreds of dollars cheaper during this time.  The exception to this would be during the holiday season.  You’ll pay a pretty penny if you want to visit during Christmas and New Years.
  • Sign up for Newsletters from airlines or sites like Skyscanner, Expedia, E-Dreams and more.  E-mail marketing is still one of the best ways for airlines to reach out its consumers.  You’ll be the first to hear about any special deals.
  • Sign up for Frequent Flyer Program with your favorite airline.
  • Fly low cost within Europe.  Airlines like RyanAir, Air Europa, and Vueling offer amazing deals.

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